How To Get Store Credit & other frequently asked questions


Do you pay cash for books?
ONLY for recent textbooks.  We offer store credit for everything else.

How credit works

You get 25% of the cover price for mass market paperbacks you bring in, and 20% on other paperbacks that are larger than mass market. Books go out at 50% of the cover price. If you have store credit you pay 25% the cover price in cash, the other 25% of the price comes off your store credit.
I'm confused!  Can you give an example?
You bring in a mass market paperback that that was originally $4.  You get $1 in store credit. If it is larger than that (a trade paperback) you get 20% of the cover price, or $.80 in store credit.
If you wanted to buy the same book that was originally $4, you would pay $1 in cash and $1 in store credit.
What kind of books will you take?
We will take paperback books that are in GOOD condition and have not been written in. (exception: textbooks may have SOME writing in them) We will generally take books of any age, but will not take nonfiction that is laughably out of date.  We do NOT take serial romances that are more than two years old. We generally do NOT take hardcovers. See below for exceptions.
What do you mean by "laughably out of date"?  Will you take this novel from the 1950s?
Yes, we will take paperback fiction of any age.  We will generally take MOST paperback nonfiction as well.  We will not take nonfiction that is now just plain WRONG such as travel guides from the 1990s, Windows 95 manuals, book on how to do your taxes from 2010, etc.  If the material is time sensitive and is now just WRONG, we will not take it.  Please recycle it. Don't donate out of date material to library sales or Goodwill, they will just recycle it and it takes time and money away from their mission to do so.
Nonfiction that has not changed with the passage of time is still fine.  If you have a book on the Civil War that was published in the 1960s, that is fine.  The data in the book will still be accurate.
How do I recycle a book?
Remove the covers and discard them. With paperbacks, you should be able to tear off the covers by hand. If you can't rip the binding off a hardcover by hand, use a x-acto knife to get it started. Open the book and cut along the inside seam to release it from the binding. If it has a staple binding, remove the staples. Recycle it with your other paper, however your local trash hauler or transfer station tells you to bundle it.
What hardcovers do you take?
We will accept the following types of hardcovers:
  • Children's books (including young adult series such as Harry Potter)
  • Large print
  • Foreign language
  • Roleplaying game manuals (examples: D&D, World of Darkness, GURPS, etc)
  • Classic literature (example: Jane Austen)
  • Cookbooks
We generally do NOT take hardcovers of anything else.  If you have lots of hardcover James Patterson or loads of hardcover self help books, we suggest donating them to any of the local library sales. Savers in Brookfield will also accept hardcovers.
Will you take books on tape or CD?
We will accept books on CD for store credit. We will NOT accept books on tape. The local libraries may or may not take books on tape. Check their policy.
Will you take video tapes or DVDs?
No. Donate DVDs to your local library sale. I do not know of any local libraries taking video tapes anymore.  Throw them out.
Do you know where I can get rid of a piano?
I'm not sure why we get this question so often, but its frequent enough that we do know!  I suggest listing it on Piano Adoption  or Craigslist.  You can also try Bethel Music Center but odds are low that they are buying pianos, but they may know who is right now.