101 Advanced Steps to Radiant Health

101 Advanced Steps to Radiant Health

By: "Christopher, Logan"

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"As new - gift quality! ""Small changes can compound over time to help you achieve radiant health."" Follow up book to ""101 Simple Steps to Radiant Health"""

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101 Advanced Steps to Radiant Health is the long-awaited sequel to 101 Simple Steps to Radiant Health. The tips are a bit more advanced, in more detail, with more resources.

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Tip #1 - The best quality water in the world?
Tip #2 - Food that is better than organic
Tip #4 - The original superfood (not as popular but often cheap due to lack of demand)
Tip #5 - My resource for the best meat in the world
Tip #8 - If you're going to avoid one thing to eat THIS is a good bet
Tip #9 - Discover time tested principles of diet (not new fads that come and go)
Tip #11 - If you want to eat healthy you or someone you know MUST do this
Tip #13 - Beware the tricky food labeling done by producers of food
Tip #15 - How you combine foods can be as important as what you eat
Tip #17-18 - Different than deep breathing, this breath training can actually make you smarter
Tip #20 - If you want to sleep well this could be the best cheap investment you ever make
Tip #21 - The revolution I made to my office that boosted my health and productivity
Tip #22 - An ancient Ayurvedic practice possibly superior to brushing your teeth
Tip #24 - Hitting this acupressure point can act as a jumpstart to your batteries
Tip #27-28 - Juice up your organ health by activating these points on your hands and feet
Tip #32 - The shotgun approach to auriculotherapy
Tip #33 - This substance is named the Palm of Christ for its benefits
Tip #35 - My favorite methodology to get what you want (for health and other things)...
Tip #38 - ...And sometimes an even faster method
Tip #41 - Better than meditation or yoga to learn how to relax
Tip #45 - Banish worries from your life with this 3 step worry formula
Tip #49-52 - Four tests to gain info to optimize your health (one of which is free )
Tip #54 - This one is outside of your control but super important
Tip #56 - Improved performance and health by mimicking babies?
Tip #57 - Bet you didn't know this increases Oxytocin, the bonding hormone
Tip #59 - One supplement virtually EVERYONE should be on, because its that important and almost no one has enough
Tip #62 - Don't fall pray to this dietary fallacy
Tip #64 - This "bodybuilding" supplement is actually even better for gut health
Tip #67 - Keep your food fresher, longer which saves your nutrition and wallet
Tip #69 - Another productivity and health boosting method that I've been doing regularly for close to a year now.
Tip #70 - The only PROVEN method across every species to extend life...
Tip #71 - ...And how to do it easily...
Tip #72 - ...Plus 5 things that mimic its advantages
Tip #74 - All mammals in nature do this practice. Do you?
Tip #75 - A powerful substance to neutralize toxins from what you eat
Tip #79 - A four step protocol for major detoxing
Tip #82 - Its not just about what you eat. You absorb toxins and nutrients through this too.
Tip #84 - Many people in the health field have heard of phyto-estrogens but not these...
Tip #87 - Top herbalists say if everyone on the planet was on this herb the world would be a healthier and happier place
Tip #88 - Consume this herb for 100 days
Tip #90 - Examining what comes our of you according to this 7 type chart can be informative
Tip #95 - You may be surprised to find that physical injury to this can result in all kinds of problems.
Tip #96 - Its in limited supply so are you using it on the right things?
Tip #101 - Don't forget about all these

Title: 101 Advanced Steps to Radiant Health

Author Name: "Christopher, Logan"

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Publisher: "Felton, CA", Logan Christopher: 2014

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