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By: "Reilly, Matthew"

Price: $3.50

Publisher: Pan Books (UK):

Seller ID: 9780330513470

ISBN: 0330513478

Condition: GOOD

As 'Scarecrow' Schofield watches his mission to eliminate a Siberian turn into a bloodbath, he realises he has been tricked -- and now become the prey rather than the predator. For a shadowy consortium of staggering power and wealth has included his name on a list of fifteen targets to be eliminated without fail by twelve noon that same day. Now every high-powered bounty hunter on the planet is on his trail, while he must simultaneously track down the perpetrators of a conspiracy about to reduce many of the major cities of the world to ashes. From Arctic Russia to the Afghan border, to... View more info

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Seven Deadly Wonders: A Novel

By: "Reilly, Matthew"

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Pocket:

Seller ID: 9781416505068

ISBN: 1416505067

Condition: GOOD

AN ANCIENT SECRET . . . A TEAM OF HEROES . . . THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME"A legend of the ancient world decrees that every 4,500 years, a terrible solar event will wreak worldwide destruction" . . . but whoever sets the Golden Capstone atop the Great Pyramid at Giza will avert disaster and gain the ultimate prize: a millennium of world dominance. "Now the Sun is turning once again and nation will battle nation to retrieve the missing Capstone" . . . but a group of small nations, led by super-soldier Jack West Jr., bands together to prevent any one country from attaining this frightening... View more info

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Ice Station: A Shane Schofield Thriller (Scarecrow Series)

By: "Reilly, Matthew"

Price: $3.50

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks:

Seller ID: 9780312971236

ISBN: 0312971230

Condition: GOOD

Anarctica is the last unconquered continent, a murderous expanse of howling winds, blinding whiteouts and deadly crevasses. On one edge of Antarctica is Wilkes Station. Beneath Wilkes Station is the gate to hell itself... A team of U.S. divers, exploring three thousand feet beneath the ice shelf has vanished. Sending out an SOS, Wilkes draws a rapid deployment team of Marines-and someone else... First comes a horrific firefight. Then comes a plunge into a drowning pool filled with killer whales. Next comes the hard part, as a handful of survivors begin an electrifying, red-hot, non-sto... View more info

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By: "Reilly, Matthew"

Price: $2.00


Seller ID: 9780312981266

ISBN: 0312981260

Condition: GOOD

Four centuries ago, a precious idol was hidden in the jungles of Peru. To the Incan people, it is still the ultimate symbol of their spirit. To William race, an American linguist enlisted by the U.S. Army to decipher the clues to its location, it's the ultimate symbol of the apocalypse... Carved from a rare stone not found on Earth, the idol possesses elements more destructive than any nuclear bomb--a virtual planet killer. In the wrong hands it could mean the end of mankind. And whoever possesses the idol, possesses the unfathomable--and cataclysmic--power of the gods... Now, in the f... View more info