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Image for Thunder Road

Thunder Road

By: "Thorne, Tamara"

Price: $34.95

Publisher: NY, 2004

Edition: (1st thus)

Seller ID: 63P037

ISBN: 0786014784

Condition: FINE

"As new-Unread. ""the apocalypse has arrived in Madelyn, CA. People are disappearing. Strange shapes and light dart across the night sky...A horror of catastrophic proportions is slouching toward Madelyn in the form of four horsemen - and they're picking up speed...""" View more info

Image for Moonfall


By: "Thorne, Tamara"

Price: $2.50

Publisher: Zebra Books:

Seller ID: 9780821753156

ISBN: 0821753150

Condition: GOOD

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Darkness on the Ice

By: "Tilton, L."

Price: $2.25

Publisher: N/A:

Seller ID: 9781558176874

ISBN: 155817687X

Condition: GOOD

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Image for The Fall (The Strain Trilogy)

The Fall (The Strain Trilogy)

By: "Toro, Guillermo Del, Hogan, Chuck"

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Harper:

Seller ID: 9780061558252

ISBN: 0061558257

Condition: very good

Last week they invaded Manhattan. This week they will destroy the world.The vampiric virus is spreading and soon will envelop the globe. Amid the chaos, Eph Goodweather--head of the Centers for Disease Control's team--leads a band out to stop these bloodthirsty monsters. But it may be too late.Ignited by the Master's horrific plan, a war has erupted between Old and New World vampires. Caught between these warring forces, powerless and vulnerable, humans find themselves no longer the consumers but the consumed. At the center of the conflict lies an ancient text that contains the vampir... View more info

Image for The Strain (The Strain Trilogy)

The Strain (The Strain Trilogy)

By: "Toro, Guillermo Del, Hogan, Chuck"

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Harper:

Seller ID: 9780061558245

ISBN: 0061558249

Condition: GOOD

In one week, Manhattan will be gone. In one month, the country. In two months . . . the world.At New York's JFK Airport an arriving Boeing 777 taxiing along a runway suddenly stops dead. All the shades have been drawn, all communication channels have mysteriously gone quiet. Dr. Eph Goodweather, head of a CDC rapid-response team investigating biological threats, boards the darkened plane . . . and what he finds makes his blood run cold.A terrifying contagion has come to the unsuspecting city, an unstoppable plague that will spread like an all-consuming wildfire--lethal, merciless, ... View more info

Harvest Home

By: "Tryon, Thomas"

Price: $16.95

Publisher: "Greenwich, CT", 27181

Edition: (1st Paperback)

Seller ID: 6-8P007

Condition: GOOD-

"READING COPY. Tight, 415 clean but age-tanned pages, light age soil to soft creased and scratched covers, curl to spine with multiple reading creases. 2 page corners with creases and rubbed cover edges. ""Ned and Beth chanced upon the hamlet and immediately fell love with it...the haven they dreamed of. Or so they thought...Cornwall Coombe was to become the place of ultimate horror...""" View more info

Image for Scream Queen

Scream Queen

By: "Van Belkom, Edo"

Price: $8.95

Publisher: NY, 2003

Edition: (1st thus)

Seller ID: 63P047

ISBN: 0786015624

Condition: FINE

"As new-Unread. ""whoever lasts the night in a haunted house...will walk away rich and 6 contestants audition for a part in a horror movie, on a reality TV show"" but what if it's a real haunted house?" View more info


By: "Wallace, P."

Price: $1.95

Publisher: Zebra:

Seller ID: 9780821729175

ISBN: 0821729179

Condition: GOOD

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Witch House

By: "Walton, Evangeline"

Price: $0.90

Publisher: Del Rey:

Seller ID: 9780345280206

ISBN: 0345280202

Condition: GOOD

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Bleeding Earth

By: "Ward, Kaitlin"

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Adaptive Books:

Seller ID: B01AG57LRS


Condition: very good

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The Sandman

By: "Ward, Robert"

Price: $1.25

Publisher: "Rawson, Wade Publishers":

Seller ID: 9780440160649

ISBN: 0440160642

Condition: GOOD

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Image for 13 Bullets: A Vampire Tale

13 Bullets: A Vampire Tale

By: "Wellington, David"

Price: $6.95

Publisher: Three Rivers Press:

Seller ID: 9780307381439

ISBN: 0307381439

Condition: GOOD

All the official reports say they are dead-extinct since the late '80s, when a fed named Arkeley nailed the last vampire in a fight that nearly killed him. But the evidence proves otherwise. When a state trooper named Caxton calls the FBI looking for help in the middle of the night, it is Arkeley who gets the assignment-who else? He's been expecting such a call to come eventually. Sure, it has been years since any signs of an attack, but Arkeley knows what most people don't: there is one left. In an abandoned asylum she is rotting, plotting, and biding her time in a way that only the undea... View more info

Image for 99 Coffins: A Historical Vampire Tale (Laura Caxton Vampire)

99 Coffins: A Historical Vampire Tale (Laura Caxton Vampire)

By: "Wellington, David"

Price: $6.95

Publisher: Broadway Books:

Seller ID: 9780307381712

ISBN: 0307381714

Condition: GOOD

Laura Caxton vowed never to face them again. The horror of what the vampires did is too close, the wounds too fresh. But when Jameson Arkeley, broken and barely recognizable, comes to her with an unfathomable, unholy discovery, her resolve crumbles. Arkeley leads Caxton to a tomb in Gettysburg recently excavated by a local archaeology professor. While the town, with its legendary role in the Civil War's worst battle, is no stranger to cemeteries, this one is remarkably, eerily different. In it lie 100 coffins--99 of them occupied by vampires, who, luckily, are missing their hearts. But one... View more info

Image for 23 Hours: A Vengeful Vampire Tale (Laura Caxton Vampire)

23 Hours: A Vengeful Vampire Tale (Laura Caxton Vampire)

By: "Wellington, David"

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Three Rivers Press:

Seller ID: 9780307452771

ISBN: 0307452778

Condition: GOOD

In the next 23 hours, there will be no reprieve, no mercy, and no time off for good behavior. When vampire hunter Laura Caxton is locked up in a maximum-security prison, the cop-turned-con finds herself surrounded by countless murderers and death-row inmates with nothing to lose . . . and plenty of time to "kill. "Caxton's always been able to watch her own back-even when it's against a cell-block wall-but soon she learns that an even greater threat has slithered behind the bars to join her. Justinia Malvern, the world's oldest living vampire, has taken up residence, and her strengt... View more info

Image for Frostbite: A Werewolf Tale

Frostbite: A Werewolf Tale

By: "Wellington, David"

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Broadway Books:

Seller ID: 9780307460837

ISBN: 0307460835

Condition: GOOD

For Cheyenne Clark, there's a bad moon on the rise . . . There's one sound a woman doesn't want to hear when she's lost and alone in the Arctic wilderness: a howl. When a strange wolf's teeth slash Cheyenne's ankle to the bone, her old life ends, and she becomes the very monster that has haunted her nightmares for years. Worse, the only one who can understand what Chey has become is the man-or wolf-who's doomed her to this fate. He also wants to chop her head off with an axe. Yet as the line between human and beast blurs, so too does the distinction between hunter and hunted . . . ... View more info

Image for Night Stalks The Mansion: A True Story Of One Family's Ghostly Adventure

Night Stalks The Mansion: A True Story Of One Family's Ghostly Adventure

By: "Westbie, Constance, Cameron, Harold"

Price: $9.95

Publisher: Stackpole Books:

Seller ID: 9780811732086

ISBN: 0811732088

Condition: very good

Back by popular demand A supernatural detective story Winner of the 1977 National Writers Club Award for Nonfiction Now in paperback, this true story recounts a Philadelphia family's encounter with a supernatural presence in their eighteenth-century mansion. After experiencing footsteps at night, opening doors, strange sounds and activity that centered around the library, they investigate, unearthing the mansion's tragic past and changing their beliefs about the supernatural world. View more info

Image for House of Spirits and Whispers: The True Story of a Haunted House

House of Spirits and Whispers: The True Story of a Haunted House

By: "Wilder, Annie"

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications:

Seller ID: 9780738707778

ISBN: 0738707775

Condition: very good

We had been instructed to enter by the back door. That's the part of the house where the old man had lived. It was where he still lived. Turns out he was watching us that day too, silent and heavy as the air, bound to the earth and his former home. In 1994, Annie Wilder and her children moved into a 100-year-old house in a historic Mississippi River town. Beautiful but spooky, the house had been on the market for six months with no offers. It felt like-and proved to be-a very haunted house. Essentially the story of a remarkable old Victorian house that seems to be a threshold to the spirit... View more info


By: "Williamson, J.N."

Price: $5.36

Publisher: NY, 1999

Edition: (1st edition)

Seller ID: 64P006

ISBN: 0843945435

Condition: NEAR FINE

"As new except for faint spine crease and slight rubbing to spine ends. ""the Kidd house seems perfectly normal...The Kidd family knows better. They know what their parents before them knew - that they're not alone...""" View more info


By: "Wilson, F. Paul"

Price: $2.50

Publisher: Jove:

Seller ID: 9780515105896

ISBN: 0515105899

Condition: GOOD

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Image for The Keep (Adversary Cycle)

The Keep (Adversary Cycle)

By: "Wilson, F. Paul"

Price: $3.50

Publisher: Tor Books:

Seller ID: 9780812579253

ISBN: 0812579259

Condition: GOOD

"Something is murdering my men." Thus reads the message received from a Nazi commander stationed in a small castle high in the remote Transylvanian Alps. And when an elite SS extermination squad is dispatched to solve the problem, the men find a something that's both powerful and terrifying. Invisible and silent, the enemy selects one victim per night, leaving the bloodless and mutilated corpses behind to terrify its future victims. Panicked, the Nazis bring in a local expert on folklore--who just happens to be Jewish--to shed some light on the mysterious happenings. And unbeknownst to anyone,... View more info