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By: "Appelt, Kathi"

Price: $9.00

Publisher: Atheneum:

Seller ID: 9781416950608

ISBN: 1416950605

Condition: GOOD

Keeper was born in the ocean, and she believes she is part mermaid. So as a ten-year-old she goes out looking for her mother--an unpredictable and uncommonly gorgeous woman who swam away when Keeper was three--and heads right for the ocean, right for the sandbar where mermaids are known to gather. But her boat is too small for the surf--and much too small for the storm that is brewing on the horizon. Kathi Appelt follows her award-winning and "New York Times "bestselling novel "The Underneath "with this stunning, mysterious, and breathtaking tale of a girl who outgrows fairy tales just a l... View more info

Image for The Summoning (Darkest Powers)

The Summoning (Darkest Powers)

By: "Armstrong, Kelley"

Price: $9.00

Publisher: HarperCollins:

Seller ID: 9780061662690

ISBN: 0061662690

Condition: GOOD

My name is Chloe Saunders and my life will never be the same again. All I wanted was to make friends, meet boys, and keep on being ordinary. I don't even know what that means anymore. It all started on the day that I saw my first ghost--and the ghost saw me. Now there are ghosts everywhere and they won't leave me alone. To top it all off, I somehow got myself locked up in Lyle House, a "special home" for troubled teens. Yet the home isn't what it seems. Don't tell anyone, but I think there might be more to my housemates than meets the eye. The question is, whose side are they on? It's... View more info

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Red Queen

By: "Aveyard, Victoria"

Price: $12.99

Publisher: HarperTeen:

Seller ID: 9780062310644

ISBN: 006231064X

Condition: NEW

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Image for "Fact, Fiction, and Folklore in Harry Potter's World: An Unofficial Guide"

"Fact, Fiction, and Folklore in Harry Potter's World: An Unofficial Guide"

By: "Beahm, George (about J.K. Rowling)"

Price: $8.50

Seller ID: 9781571744401

ISBN: 1571744401

Condition: GOOD

Did you know that--J. K. Rowling's characters share a lot in common with J. R. R. Tolkien's characters?Many of the magical items in Harry's world actually have equivalents in ours?Some of Rowling's beasts have been around for hundreds of years?Find out the stories behind the storiesWith more than 300 entries, from bite-sized appetizers to meaty entrees, this book provides fun and fascinating facts behind the world myths, legends, literature, and history embedded in the Harry Potter novels by J. K. Rowling, who holds a degree in French and the classi... View more info

Image for The Amaranth Enchantment

The Amaranth Enchantment

By: "Berry, Julie"

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's Books:

Seller ID: 9781599904498

ISBN: 1599904497

Condition: GOOD

When a mysterious piece of jewelry and a strange visitor arrive in the jewelry shop where she works for her evil aunt, Lucinda's course takes a surprising turn. With the help of the Amaranth Witch, a young (and harmless) con-artist, and a prince, Lucinda uncovers secrets about her own royal past. A strong seller in hardcover, this original fairytale marks an exciting debut from a lyrical new voice View more info

Image for The Angel and the Ring: A Supernatural Adventure (The Guardian Angel)

The Angel and the Ring: A Supernatural Adventure (The Guardian Angel)

By: "Brouwer, Sigmund"

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers:

Seller ID: 9780736902946

ISBN: 0736902945

Condition: GOOD

In this first book of "The Guardian Angel "series the story's narrator, Pelagius the angel, introduces us to life in 1364 A.D. and to Brin, a teenage gypsy who is despised by his people because his mother died of the plague and his father was a follower of God. This powerless teen's future seems hopeless until a hooded stranger presents him with a challenge and also a warning to beware of "the enemy." Thrown into a dangerous adventure, Brin must choose good over evil in order to find his earthly father's love and his heavenly Father's will. This story will captivate readers ages 9-12 as ... View more info

The Sharing Knife (Volume #1 Beguilement & Volume #2 Legacy)

By: "Bujold, Louis McMaster"

Price: $2.45

Publisher: SFBC Fantasy:

Seller ID: 9780739484906

ISBN: 0739484907

Condition: GOOD

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A Curse Dark As Gold

By: "Bunce, Elizabeth C."

Price: $3.00

Publisher: "Scholastic, Inc. (September 2009)":

Seller ID: 9780545200424

ISBN: 0545200423

Condition: GOOD

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Image for "Betrayed (House of Night, Book 2)"

"Betrayed (House of Night, Book 2)"

By: "Cast, P. C., Cast, Kristin"

Price: $5.00

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin:

Seller ID: 9780312360283

ISBN: 0312360282

Condition: GOOD

Fledgling vampyre Zoey Redbird has managed to settle in at the House of Night. She's come to terms with the vast powers the vampyre goddess, Nyx, has given her, and is getting a handle on being the new Leader of the Dark Daughters. Best of all, Zoey finally feels like she belongs--like she really fits in. She actually has a boyfriend or two. Then the unthinkable happens: Human teenagers are being killed, and all the evidence points to the House of Night. While danger stalks the humans from Zoey's old life, she begins to realize that the very powers that make her so unique might also threaten t... View more info

Image for Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles)

Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles)

By: "Cole, Kresley"

Price: $9.50

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers:

Seller ID: 9781442436640

ISBN: 1442436646

Condition: GOOD

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Image for The Wish List

The Wish List

By: "Colfer, Eoin"

Price: $3.50

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.:

Seller ID: 9780439443364

ISBN: 0439443369

Condition: GOOD

From the author of the international bestseller ARTEMIS FOWL comes an unforgettable novel about a girl and a choice - between the ultimate good and an eternal evil.... Meg Finn is in a tough spot. Really tough. For her last act on Earth, she committed a crime - and lost her life as a result. Now Meg's spirit is stuck in limbo, due to a dead-even tally of good and evil deeds. Meg's only chance at salvation is to return to Earth and stack on a few more good deeds - namely, helping the old man whose apartment she was robbing during her last appearance. For better or worse, that man needs a lo... View more info

"Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane (The Underland Chronicles, Book Two)"

By: "Collins, Suzanne"

Price: $0.85

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.:

Seller ID: 9780439820561

ISBN: 0439820561

Condition: GOOD

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Image for "Gregor And The Curse Of The Warmbloods (Underland Chronicles, Book 3)"

"Gregor And The Curse Of The Warmbloods (Underland Chronicles, Book 3)"

By: "Collins, Suzanne"

Price: $4.00

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks:

Seller ID: 9780439656245

ISBN: 0439656249

Condition: GOOD

The third installment of New York Times bestselling Underland Chronicles, in which Gregor must stop a plague from spreading through the Underland, will feature fresh new cover art, coming July 1st Gregor's adventures continue in Book 3 of the New York Times bestselling series by author Suzanne Collins.With two prophecies fulfilled, Gregor is now focused on the Prophecy of Blood, which calls for Gregor and Boots to return to the Underland to help ward off a plague. But this time, his mother refuses to let him go . . . unless she is allowed to travel with them.When they arrive in t... View more info

The Grey King (Dark Is Rising Sequence)

By: "Cooper, Susan"

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.:

Seller ID: 9780689704482

ISBN: 0689704488

Condition: GOOD

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Image for The Fire Eternal (The Last Dragon Chro)

The Fire Eternal (The Last Dragon Chro)

By: "d'Lacey, Chris"

Price: $9.00

Publisher: Orchard Books:

Seller ID: 9780545051637

ISBN: 0545051630

Condition: GOOD

A stirring of new magic at the poles makes a fiery tale for readers in the 4th book in the NY TIMES bestselling Dragons series Five years have passed since David Rain, now a bestselling author, disappeared mysteriously in the Artic. Slowly the ice is changing; bears are starving; dragons are rising; and the spirit Gaia, goddess of the Earth, is restless, wanting to act upon these changes. But all living things may suffer if she does. As the weather grows wilder and the ice caps melt, all eyes turn from the north to David's daughter, Alexa. She is the key to stopping it. . . . Can one girl... View more info

Image for "The Burning Bridge (The Ranger's Apprentice, Book 2)"

"The Burning Bridge (The Ranger's Apprentice, Book 2)"

By: "Flanagan, John A."

Price: $4.50

Publisher: Puffin:

Seller ID: 9780142408421

ISBN: 0142408425

Condition: GOOD

The international bestselling series with over 5 million copies sold in the U.S. "alone" For years, the Kingdom of Araluen has prospered, with the evil lord Morgarath safely behind the impassable mountains. For years, its people have felt secure. but the scheming hand of the dark lord has not been idle. . . . on a special mission for the rangers, will and his friend Horace, an apprentice knight, travel to a neighboring village and discover the unsettling truth: All the villagers have either been slain or captured. but why? Could it be that Morgarath has finally devised a plan to bring hi... View more info

Image for The Battle of Hackham Heath (Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years)

The Battle of Hackham Heath (Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years)

By: "Flanagan, John"

Price: $4.50

Publisher: Puffin Books:

Seller ID: 9780142427330

ISBN: 0142427330

Condition: very good

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Image for "The Outcasts: Brotherband Chronicles, Book 1"

"The Outcasts: Brotherband Chronicles, Book 1"

By: "Flanagan, John"

Price: $9.50

Publisher: Philomel:

Seller ID: 9780399256196

ISBN: 0399256199

Condition: GOOD

From the author of the global phenomenon Ranger's Apprentice They are outcasts. Hal, Stig, and the others - they are the boys the others want no part of. Skandians, as any reader of Ranger's Apprentice could tell you, are known for their size and strength. Not these boys. Yet that doesn't mean they don't have skills. And courage - which they will need every ounce of to do battle at sea against the other bands, the Wolves and the Sharks, in the ultimate race. The icy waters make for a treacherous playing field . . . especially when not everyone thinks of it as playing. John Flanagan, a... View more info

"CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG The Magical Car, The Wild Adventures of a Spirited British Family -illustrated by John Burningham"

By: "Fleming, Ian"

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Random House:

Seller ID: B001YGMWP0


Condition: GOOD

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Image for Beastly Deluxe Edition

Beastly Deluxe Edition

By: "Flinn, Alex"

Price: $5.00

Publisher: HarperTeen:

Seller ID: 9780062113917

ISBN: 0062113917

Condition: GOOD

See it through both their eyes. BeastlyI am a beast. A beast. You think I'm talking fairy tales? No way. The place is New York City. The time is now. And I'll stay this way forever--ruined--unless I can break the spell.Yes, the spell, the one the witch in my English class cast on me. Why did she turn me into a beast who hides by day and prowls by night? I'll tell you. I'll tell you how I used to be Kyle Kingsbury, the guy you wished you were, with money, perfect looks, and the perfect life. And then, I'll tell you how I became perfectly . . . beastly.Lindy's DiaryDiary, I am ... View more info