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"Beyond Arabian Sands: The People, Place, and Politics of the Arab World"

By: "Butler, Grant C."

Price: $9.95

Publisher: NY, Devin-Adair: 1964

Seller ID: 21T002

Condition: NEAR FINE- Good+ dj

"As new except for slight softening of spine ends and small inward curl to top corner of cover. Tan, linen-finish cloth with orange lettering on spine. Dust jacket is intact, unclipped and bright but has light age soil and wear to edges with tiny rips which have been tape repaired on the inside. Map endpapers. Interviews with ""Nasser, Kings Hassan, Hussein and Idris, Prince Feisal and Algeria's Ben Bella."" 223 indexed pages with black and white photo sections." View more info

In Afghanistan: An American Odyssey

By: "Dyk, Jere Van"

Price: $9.45

Publisher: iUniverse:

Seller ID: 9780595215539

ISBN: 059521553X

Condition: GOOD

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Image for From Beirut to Jerusalem

From Beirut to Jerusalem

By: "Friedman, Thomas L."

Price: $6.50

Publisher: Anchor:

Seller ID: 9780385413725

ISBN: 0385413726

Condition: GOOD

Winner of the 1989 National Book Award for nonfiction, this extraordinary bestseller is still the most incisive, thought-provoking book ever written about the Middle East. Thomas L. Friedman, twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting, and now the Foreign Affairs columnist on the op-ed page of the "New York Times," drew on his ten years in the Middle East to write a book that "The Wall Street Journal" called "a sparkling intellectual guidebook... an engrossing journey not to be missed." Now with a new chapter that brings the ever-changing history of the conflict in the Midd... View more info

History of the Byzantine State


Price: $7.00


Seller ID: 9780631127826

ISBN: 0631127828

Condition: GOOD

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The Prophet and the Revolutionary: Arab Socialism in the Modern Middle East

By: "Goode, Stephen"

Price: $8.95

Publisher: NY, "Franklin Watts, Inc. ": 1975

Seller ID: 7-4H004

ISBN: 0531028402

Condition: VERY GOOD-

"Book as new except for tilted spine. Dust jacket is present but age soiled with top and bottom edges full of small creases and rips. 131 indexed pages including ""Suggested Reading"" list.""Traces the rise of radical socialism in Egypt, Iraq, Algeria and Syria discussing the historical reasons for its development., its successes and failures, and its effect on the rest of the Ara world."" as seen in 1975. " View more info

The Civilizations of the East: The Near and Middle East (Original title: Les Civilisations de L'Orient)

By: "Grousset, Rene (Catherine Alison Phillips, trans.)"

Price: $9.95

Publisher: NY, "Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.": 1931

Edition: (1st English language edition)

Seller ID: 88X003

Condition: VERY GOOD+/No DJ

"Tight, faint age toning of pages, clean interior, faint soil to bottom exterior page edges, faint tilt. 404 pages (9.25x6.5""), 313 illustrations, ""Erratum"" tipped in on title page. Black cloth with gilt lettering and red blocks on spine. ""a general introduction to the study of the arts in Asia for the cultivated public""" View more info

Image for Weathered by Miracles: A History of Palestine from Bonaparte and Muhammad Ali to Ben-Gurion and the Mufti

Weathered by Miracles: A History of Palestine from Bonaparte and Muhammad Ali to Ben-Gurion and the Mufti

By: "Idinopulos, Thomas A."

Price: $8.50

Publisher: "Ivan R. Dee, Publisher":

Seller ID: 9781566632690

ISBN: 1566632692

Condition: GOOD

Canaan, Land of Israel, the Holy Land, Bibleland Palestine. Many names for a small speck of earth, no bigger than Wales or Massachusetts. This land has suffered most of the world s conquerors, from the Babylonians to the British, only to brighten its aura of sanctity for millions of Muslims, Christians, and Jews to the present day. In Weathered by Miracles, Thomas Idinopulos tells the story of that one explosive moment in Palestine s long history that began with Napoleon s invasion of the Middle East in 1798 and concluded with the founding of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948. Here was the dr... View more info

Curzon's Persia

By: "King, Peter (ed. & intro.)"

Price: $17.95

Publisher: "London, UK", Sidgwick & Jackson Limited: 1988

Edition: (reprint)

Seller ID: 6-6Y001

ISBN: 0283997427

Condition: NEAR FINE

"Tight, bright, clean with faint curl. Light rubbing to cover edges and faint corner bump to bottom corner. An abridged version of the 2 volume, 1892 book of Curzon's travels on the following route: Ashkabad, Kuchan, Kelat-I-Nadiri, Meshed, Teheran, The Northern Provinces, Teheran, Ishfahan, Shiraz to Bushire.192 pages full of illustrations and with double page detailed map of Persia, Afghanistan & Beluchistan. (dated 1891). 7.5x10"" " View more info

Image for Ottoman Centuries :The Rise and Fall of the Turkish Empire

Ottoman Centuries :The Rise and Fall of the Turkish Empire

By: "Kinross, Lord"

Price: $7.50

Publisher: Harper Perennial:

Seller ID: 9780688080938

ISBN: 0688080936

Condition: GOOD

The Ottoman Empire began in 1300 under the almost legendary Osman I, reached its apogee in the sixteenth century under Suleiman the Magnificent, whose forces threatened the gates of Vienna, and gradually diminished thereafter until Mehmed VI was sent into exile by Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk).In this definitive history of the Ottoman Empire, Lord Kinross, painstaking historian and superb writer, never loses sight of the larger issues, economic, political, and social. At the same time he delineates his characters with obvious zest, displaying them in all their extravagance, audacity and, somet... View more info

les chemins de nulle part sur les ruines du Liban l'Amour chante toujours

By: "Labaky, Pere Mansour"

Price: $12.95

Publisher: "Baadbat, Liban", Editions Al-Karmah: 1985

Seller ID: 1DP021

ISBN: 2852447266

Condition: NEAR FINE

"As new except for slight rubbing to cover edges. ""raconte l'histoire bouleversante du petit Nassim, qui se trouvait sur les chemins de nulle part, apres la dispaition de tous les siens, et qui retoruve le Chemin de la vie grace a son MI Jad 'au ceur de mere'..."" Pere Labaky is a Maronite priest. 200 pages. Text in French." View more info

Image for What Went Wrong? The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East

What Went Wrong? The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East

By: "Lewis, Barnard"

Price: $6.45


Seller ID: 9780060516055

ISBN: 0060516054

Condition: GOOD

For centuries, the world of Islam was in the forefront of human achievement -- the foremost military and economic power in the world, the leader in the arts and sciences of civilization. Christian Europe was seen as an outer darkness of barbarism and unbelief from which there was nothing to learn or to fear. And then everything changed. The West won victory after victory, first on the battlefield and then in the marketplace.In this elegantly written volume, Bernard Lewis, a renowned authority an Islamic affairs, examines the anguished reaction of the Islamic world as it tried to make sen... View more info

Portrait of a Turkish Family

By: "Orga, Irfan"

Price: $3.95

Seller ID: 9780907871811

ISBN: 090787181X

Condition: GOOD

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The Closed Circle: An Interpretation of the Arabs

By: "Pryce-Jones, David"

Price: $29.95

Publisher: "London, UK", Phoenix Press / Orion: 2002

Edition: (1st paperback

Seller ID: 6-4T009

ISBN: 1842126113

Condition: NEAR FINE

"As new - gift quality! Reprint on 1989 hardbound, with new introduction. ""The author argues (then and now) persuasively that the Arabs are caught in a closed circle from which they have not been able to escape, a circle defined by deeply rooted tribal, religious and cultural traditions."" 464 indexed, annotated pages." View more info

Fourteen Byzantine Rulers: The Chronographia of Michael Psellus (Penguin Classics)

By: "Psellus, Michael"

Price: $3.50

Publisher: Penguin Classics:

Seller ID: 9780140441697

ISBN: 0140441697

Condition: GOOD

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Nach vier Kriegen im Nahen Osten: Thesen zu einer offensiven Friederspolitik

By: "Sid-Ahmed, Mohamed"

Price: $11.95

Publisher: Germany, Rowohlt: 1977

Seller ID: 4-8P002

ISBN: 3499140624

Condition: GOOD+

"Tight, light age soil to exterior, light age tanning of pages, faintest curl to corners. ""Stimmt es denn wirklich, das der Frieden unvereinbar ist mit der Erfullung der Grundbedurfnisse der Palastinenser? Is es unvorstellbar, dass der Frieden erreicht werden kann, ohne das palastinensische Selbstbestimmungsrecht uber das gesamte Palastina zu gefahrden?"" 154 pages Text in German." View more info

Image for Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

By: "Smith, Charles D."

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's:

Edition: 5

Seller ID: 9780312404086

ISBN: 0312404085

Condition: GOOD

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Bible and Sword: How the British Came to Palestine

By: "Tuchman, Barbara"

Price: $10.95

Publisher: "London, UK", Papermac / Macmillan: 1982

Seller ID: 7-5T006

ISBN: 0333334140

Condition: GOOD+

"Tight, slight age tanning of pages, clean, and square. Reading crease on spine, corner creases on covers. ""stirring account of the religious, cultural and political motives which led to the British conquest of the Holy Land in 1917 and to the Balfour Declaration..."". 412 indexed, annotated pages including Bibliography." View more info

Sons of Sinbad

By: "Villiers, Alan"

Price: $42.95

Publisher: NY, Charles Scribner's Sons: c1969

Seller ID: 15T029

Condition: GOOD+

"Tight, bright, light age soil to exterior pages edges, slight curl. Corner bumps have left a few dog-eared pages. ""an account of sailing with the Arabs and their dhows. In the Red Sea, around the coasts of Arabia, and to Zanzibar and Tanganyika: pearling in the Persian Gulf: and the life of the Shipmasters, the Mariners and the Merchants of Kuwait...Illustrated with photographs by the author"" 414 indexed pages. Originally published in 1940. " View more info

Dying in the Land of Promise: Palestine and Palestinian Christianity from Pentecost to 2000

By: "Wagner, Donald"

Price: $49.95

Publisher: "London, UK", Melisende: 2003

Edition: (2nd revised edition)

Seller ID: 09T013

Condition: FINE

"As new - gift quality! ""two simultaneous narratives, the dominant of which is the story of Palestinian Christianity. The narratives are set within the context of Palestine's changing political and religious history. Gradually the secondary narrative overtakes the Christian narrative, particularly during the last 12 years with the rise of nationalism, Zionism, the triumph of Israel, and the dramatic decline of Palestinian Christianity in the Holy Land..."" 305 pages including index and bibliography." View more info

Image for Desert Queen

Desert Queen


Price: $8.50

Publisher: N/A:

Seller ID: 9781400096190

ISBN: 1400096197

Condition: GOOD

Turning away from the privileged world of the " eminent Victorians, " Gertrude Bell (1868-- 1926) explored, mapped, and excavated the world of the Arabs. Recruited by British intelligence during World War I, she played a crucial role in obtaining the loyalty of Arab leaders, and her connections and information provided the brains to match T. E. Lawrence's brawn. After the war, she played a major role in creating the modern Middle East and was, at the time, considered the most powerful woman in the British Empire. In this masterful biography, Janet Wallach shows us the woman behind thes... View more info