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Gun Control (Opposing Viewpoints)

By: Roleff, Tamara L.

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Greenhaven Press:

Seller ID: 9781565106635

ISBN: 1565106636

Condition: GOOD

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Quick on the Shoot

By: "Appell, George C."

Price: $4.82

Publisher: NY, 1955

Seller ID: 40P042

Condition: VERY GOOD

"""From the Rio Grande to the Missouri, he rode a trail where the only law was the fastest gun."" Cover art by William George. Tight, bright, clean and square. Serious edge rubbing on spine. Tiny crease on front cover." View more info


By: "Bass, Milton"

Price: $12.95

Publisher: NY, 1987

Edition: (1st printing)

Seller ID: 6-8P006

ISBN: 0451161300

Condition: FAIR+

"UGLY READING COPY Tight, bright, and clean, except for faint age soil to exterior, curled corners. Water stained corner (no mustiness) and a few tiny dog ears. ""Jory was just fifteen when he saw his dad done to death. He wasn't much older when a cowhand up from Texas put his first gun in his hand..."" " View more info

"American Rifleman (Magazine): June, July 7 August, 1996"

By: "Bell. E. G. ""Red"" (Ed.)"

Price: $17.95

Publisher: "Washington, DC", 1996

Seller ID: 25A007

Condition: NEAR FINE

"As new except for faint curl and mailing address in label box. JUNE: ""High capacity Taurus and S&W; The New Springfield M6 Scout: Over-Unders Come of Age; Llama's .45 ACP minimax 45; Kimber Model 84C Rifle .223; Browning BLR Lightning .308"". JULY: ""Customize Your Ruger 10/22; Colt's .380 Mustang; NRA's 125th Anniversary Celebration; The Doughboy's Rifle - U.S. M1917; High Standard ISU Olympic; D-MAX Sidewinder .45/.410 Revolver; CZ 452 .22 Rifle"". AUG:""Making Your M1911 Shoot Straight; Shotguns & Loads for Beginners; Newest in Long-Range Rifle... View more info

American Rifleman (Magazine): February 2000 (Volume 148 #2)

By: "Bell. E. G. ""Red"" (Ed.)"

Price: $6.00

Publisher: "Washington, DC", 2000

Seller ID: 25A009

Condition: VERY GOOD-

"As new except for faint curl and coffee dripings on back cover. Mailing address in label box on extra ""sweepstakes"" cover. Remington's EtronX 21st Century Shooting System;CZ75-A classic for today; Russian Mosin-Nagants; Para-Ordnance LDA .45 ACP; Benelli Legacy 12-ga." View more info

Fightin' Fool

By: "Brand, Max"

Price: $4.82

Publisher: NY, 1956

Edition: (5th printing)

Seller ID: 4NP066

Condition: VERY GOOD

"Tight, bright, clean and square. Edgewear all around. Hinge creases. Surface crease on front cover. Back cover has corner crease and 1/8"" tear. ""Jingo…always forgot that a smoking gun wasn't a proper introduction.""" View more info

Image for She Left Me the Gun: My Mother's Life Before Me

She Left Me the Gun: My Mother's Life Before Me

By: "Brockes, Emma"

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Penguin Books:

Seller ID: 9780143125365

ISBN: 0143125362

Condition: GOOD

"One of those memoirs that remind you why you liked memoirs in the first place... It has the density of a very good novel... As you do with the best writers, you feel lucky to be in Ms. Brockes's company." --Dwight Garner, "The New York Times" A chilling work of psychological suspense and forensic memoir, "She Left Me the Gun" is a tale of true transformation: the story of a young woman who reinvented herself so completely that her previous life seemed simply to vanish, and of a daughter who transcends her mother's fears and reclaims an abandoned past. "One day I will tell you the st... View more info

Image for Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence in America

Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence in America

By: "Canada, Geoffrey"

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Beacon Press:

Seller ID: 9780807004227

ISBN: 0807004227

Condition: GOOD

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Two-Gun Rio Kid

By: "Davis, Don"

Price: $2.00

Seller ID: 281BPB1001545

ISBN: 281BPB1001545

Condition: acceptable

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"Smith College Studies in History (Vol. XXXIII - 1948): Arms Makers of the Connecticut Valley - A Regional Study of the economic Development of the Small Arms Industry, 1798-1870"

By: "Dayrup, Felicia Johnson"

Price: $139.95

Publisher: "Northampton, MA", 1948

Seller ID: 89H001

Condition: VERY GOOD+

"Tight, yellowed, clean interior, light age soil to exterior, square. Edges of tan soft paper cover have folded causing a 1/4"" rip at bottom of spine hinge. 289 pages. Doctoral Thesis with narratives, data lists and bibliography on New England arms manufacturers. ""This study was made during World War II and as a result certain papers, most notably the Colt Collection at the CHS, were closed. Thus the work cannot be considered definitive. Nevertheless, it is a first-class scholarly study, with full apparatus. It includes numerous charts and graphs of the economics of arms... View more info

Image for Longarm Double: Legend with a Six-Gun

Longarm Double: Legend with a Six-Gun

By: "Evans, Tabor"

Price: $1.50

Publisher: JOVE:

Seller ID: 9780515153514

ISBN: 0515153516

Condition: GOOD

IN THE OLD WEST, HIS NAME WAS LEGEND... LONGARM AND THE HIGH-GRADERS Somebody's stealing the high-grade ore from the Murietta Mining Company, and it's up to Longarm to get it back. But the legendary lawman's about to discover all that glitters is not gold--especially when it comes to a golden-haired lady rancher with a few plans of her own. LONGARM AND THE NESTERS At Jayhawk Junction, Kansas, a quarrel bursts into a full-scale range war between cowmen and "nesters"--the foreign farmers fencing in the wild prairie. When Longarm steps in to broker the peace, he gets tangled up with murd... View more info

Image for Longarm and the Gun Trail (Longarm #368)

Longarm and the Gun Trail (Longarm #368)

By: "Evans, Tabor"

Price: $3.00

Publisher: Jove:

Seller ID: 9780515146516

ISBN: 051514651X

Condition: GOOD

On a mission to avenge his friend's death, nothing can stop Longarm-not even Ute Indians. That is, until he meets some wild young women whom he's happy to protect from imminent danger. View more info

"CVA Blackpowder Loading Manual: Instructions, Helpful Hints and Loading Data"

By: "Fadala, Sam"

Price: $10.95

Publisher: "Norcross, GA", 1993

Seller ID: 6-9H005

Condition: NEAR FINE

"As new except for a few light scratches on the covers, a sticker shadow and a small chip on the front cover. 90 pages, full of illustrations, on propellants, chemicals, loading methods, accuracy, accouterments that work, troubleshooting, black powder misconceptions, and more. Specification tables on CVA, Knight, Thompson Center & Cheney Rifle Works rifles." View more info

Gambler with a Gun


Price: $0.75

Publisher: MAGNUM:

Seller ID: B000QISPHQ


Condition: GOOD

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"American Hunter: July, August, September & October 1996 (Vol 24, No. 7, 8, 9 & 10)"

By: "Fulgham, Tom (Ed.)"

Price: $31.95

Publisher: "Washington, DC", 1996

Seller ID: 25A014

Condition: VERY GOOD+

"As new except for faint curl and mailing address in label box. JUL: Mule deer - How to Make the Tough Shots; The Lever Action - A New Look at a Classic Deer Rifle; Get the Jump on Ducks; New Move to Muzzle Gun Owners; AUG - (A few scratches on front cover) How to Find Great Public Duck Hunting; Montana Bighorns - Quest for a Giant Ram; Long-Range Deer Rifle; Wilderness Moose Hunt; Tech Reports - Benelli Super Black Eagle, Federal Gold Medal .22; SEP - Deer Opening-Day Strategy; Compact Cameras for Sportsmen; Safari Adventure - A Lion in the Grass, Remington's New In-Line Muzzleloader; OCT... View more info

Mad River

By: "Hamilton, Donald"

Price: $12.95

Publisher: "Greenwich, CT", 1956

Edition: (1st edition)

Seller ID: 98P032

Condition: NEAR FINE

"Tight, yellowed pages, clean, square. Bookstore stamp & check mark on top of pages edges. ""Boyd Cohoon came home to live by the knife or die by the gun...A great novel of the West by...the author of the Matt Helm Series.""" View more info

Image for Branded as Trouble (Rough Riders #6)

Branded as Trouble (Rough Riders #6)

By: "James, Lorelei"

Price: $11.95

Publisher: "Macon, GA", 2010

Seller ID: 16T019

ISBN: 1605042994

Condition: FINE

"As new - gift quality! ""It's hard to trust the future when you've been branded by the past."" ""feature nekkidness the cowboy way - sex with boots on and with boots off, dirty sex against a dirty pickup truck, bare-assed sex on a bear skin rug, graphic language, unfortunate aim with a nail gun, and improvisational use of whips and whipped cream.""" View more info

"American Rifleman (Magazine): November 2002 (Vol. 150, #11)"

By: "Keefe, Mark (ed.)"

Price: $6.00

Publisher: "Washington, DC", 2002

Seller ID: 25A012

Condition: VERY GOOD

"As new except for faint curl. Mailing address in label box on extra ""election"" cover. Election issue: NRA/PVF - Endorsed Candidates (Connecticut insert); Extreme rifles for exterme Riflemen; Shooting in rain, wind and Weather; New Ultra Light Arms; 'Weatherproofing' Your Rifle; The Remington '03s; Les Baer .45s - Value and Performance ' Out of the Box'" View more info

"American Rifleman (Magazine): June, July & August 2000 (volume 148, #6,7 & 8)"

By: "Keefe, Mark (ed.)"

Price: $17.95

Publisher: "Washington, DC", 2000

Seller ID: 25A011

Condition: VERY GOOD+

"As new except for faint curl and mailing address in label box. JUN: Kimber's New Classic .22 Sporter; .450 Marlin, What the .45-70 Ought to Be; Taurus Today; Ruger and His Guns; Premium Shotshells; JUL: Winchester's Supreme; Focus on Over-Unders; The Best Glock Yet?;Guns of the Gun Writers; Webley-Fosberry's Masterpiece. AUG: Franchi Shotguns - An Undiscovered Secret; Yankee Springfields; Evolution of the Kimber .45; Sight in Your Hunting Rifle the Correct Way; Field Ballistics for Hunters. " View more info

"American Rifleman (Magazine): March, April & May, 2000 (Volume 148, #3,4 &5)"

By: "Keefe, Mark (ed.)"

Price: $17.95

Publisher: "Washington, DC", 2000

Seller ID: 25A010

Condition: VERY GOOD+

"As new except for faint curl and mailing address in label box. MAR: 21st Century Semi-Autos, Part II; Nimschke Colts; Big-Bore Alternative .376 Steyr; Dan Wesson .414 SuperMag; Stevens Favorite 30G; Verney-Carron Over-Under; Remington 700 vs. Composite. APR: SIG's Trailsides Lead the Way; New Guns for a New Millenium; The 'Rifleman's Rifle' Yesterday & Today; Sporting clays for Hunters; Exploded Views - Ruger PC9 & PC4 Carbines. MAY (Light crease on bottom corner of front cover), Teaching Kids to Shoot Safely & Responsibly; Good Kids - The Future of the Shooting Sports" View more info