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Image for Sociology for the Twenty-first Century: Continuities and Cutting Edges

Sociology for the Twenty-first Century: Continuities and Cutting Edges

By: "Abu-Lughod, Janet L. (ed.)"

Price: $8.50

Publisher: "Chicago, IL", UNIV OF CHICAGO PR: 1999

Seller ID: 5-8T019

ISBN: 0226001938

Condition: GOOD+

"Tight, bright, clean with slight curl. Highlighting (no other marks) in Chapters 1 through 5. Chapters 6 though 14 are unmarked. Used stickers on back cover." View more info

Black Awakening in Capitalist America: An Analytic History

By: "Allen, Robert L."

Price: $7.95

Publisher: "Garden City, NY", 1970

Seller ID: 8NT052

Condition: VERY GOOD+

"Tight, bright, clean interior, light age soil to exterior, square. Appears unread. 305 pages. ""discusses the relationship between the power elite and Black discontent...finds very little difference between those motivations and methods which create and maintain colonialism abroad and those which prevent Black self-determination in the United States.""" View more info

Image for "Political Leadership Among Swat Pathans (London School of Economics Monographs on Social Anthropology, Volume 19)"

"Political Leadership Among Swat Pathans (London School of Economics Monographs on Social Anthropology, Volume 19)"

By: "Barth, Frederik"

Price: $19.95

Publisher: "Oxford, UK", BERG PUBL INC: 2004

Seller ID: 12T016

ISBN: 1845202783

Condition: FINE

"As new - gift quality! ""describes certain aspects of the society of the Pathans of the Swat valley in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan…the material on which it is based was collected by the author in the period February-November 1954"" Chapters on: General Ecology and Ethnology of Swat; Underlying Frameworks of Organization; Neighborhood, Marriage and Affinity; Relations of Inequality and Authority; Land Tenure and Political Relations within Local Communities; Authority and Following of Chiefs; Authority and Following of Saints; Alliances and Political Blocs... View more info

Japan: An Anthropological Introduction

By: "Befu, Harumi"

Price: $6.95

Publisher: NY, ©1971

Seller ID: 94H009

Condition: GOOD

"Ugly exterior (rubbed, scraped, curled) but clean, tight interior with only occasional underlining. ""On the small islands of Japan, over a hundred million people make their living in an area roughly comparable in size to the state of California. This book is about those people - how they came to be what they are, how they live, and how they feel.""" View more info

"Thesis Eleven, Number 38, 1994 : Freedom, Memory, Reason + Art in the New World "

By: "Beilharz, Peter (ed.)"

Price: $24.95

Publisher: "Cambridge, MA", 1994

Seller ID: 11H002

Condition: FINE

"As new - gift quality! ""the conflicts , aspirations and fractures of modernity are the main themes of this issue...""Contents: Democracy + Mutations of Latin America (Alain Touraine); The System, the Actor and the Social Subject (Francois Dubet); Touraine's Critique of Modernity: Metacritical Reflections (Johann P. Arnason); Alain Touraine's Sociology of the Subject (Kevin McDonald); Brazil and a Sociology for Hope (Rowan Ireland); Bernard Smith - Imagining the Antipodes (Peter Beilharz); Modernism and Post Modernism: Neo Colonial Viewpoint - Concerning the Sources of Mo... View more info

Renacimiento de la Libertades Economicas y Sociales (Original title: Renaissance des Libertes Economiques et Sociales)

By: "Calan, P. de (Francisco Hertelano, trans.)"

Price: $25.95

Publisher: "Madrid, Spain", 1964

Edition: (1st thus)

Seller ID: 17H008

Condition: GOOD+/ No DJ

Grey cloth covers have light age soil and foxing to edges. Interior as new. No Dust Jacket. Text in Spanish. 243 pages. View more info

"Sociological Inquiry, Volume 72, Number 3, Summer 2002"

By: "Faupel, Charles E. (Ed.)"

Price: $12.95

Publisher: "Malden, MA", 2002

Seller ID: 05H004

Condition: FINE

As new - gift quality! Thematic Issue: The Sociology of Civility with articles related to: historical context; measurement; United States; Russia; Golf; Civil Rights Movement and Passive Resistance; harassment; and the marketplace. Pages 353-501 of volume 72. View more info

"Sociological Inquiry: Volume 72, Number 2, Spring 2002"

By: "Faupel, Charles E. (Ed.)"

Price: $9.95

Publisher: "Auburn, AL", 2002

Seller ID: 93H004

"Tight, bright, clean, slight curl. Bumped bottom corner. 351 pages. Journal of the international sociology honor Society (Alpha Kappa Delta) includes: Coopting change toward industrial democracy; Japanese and American identities; Kin effects on black-white account and homeownership; Resentment and resentiment; Community colleges and the school to work transition; Social capital is process; Women poverty and domestic violence. 351 pages + advertisements." View more info

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

By: "Goffman, Erving. "

Price: $32.40

Publisher: NY, 1959

Seller ID: 48P002

Condition: VERY GOOD

"""Human behavior in social situations and the way that we appear to others."" Light soiling, creased spine, crease on bottom corner of back cover. " View more info

Sociologists At Work: The Craft of Social Research

By: "Hammond, Phillip E. (Ed.)"

Price: $5.95

Publisher: "Garden City, NY", 1967

Seller ID: 90P021

Condition: GOOD+

"Tight, bright, age soiled exterior, clean interior (only markings are on index), faint curl. Covers have creased corner , slight bump has creased some page corners, hinge and spine creases. ""collection of case histories, thirteen leading American sociologists describe in detail the complete stories of major research projects in which they have been involved...""" View more info

Bergdorf's on the Plaza: The Story of Bergdorf Goodman and a Half-Century of American Fashion

By: "Herndon, Booton"

Price: $49.95

Publisher: NY, 1956

Edition: (1st edition)

Seller ID: 7-5T003

Condition: GOOD+

"READING COPY. Book and dust jacket are as new - tight, bright, clean and crisp - BUT top edge of dust jacket and spine have been damaged. and trimmed. ""richly anecdotal book (takes) the reader behind the scenes and into the inner sanctums of the world's most famous and fabulous women's store...a true history of women's fashion in America during the last fifty years (to 1955)...the sociology of taste..."" 244 pages with 34 illustrations." View more info

Outsiders in a Hearing World: A Sociology of Deafness

By: "Higgins, Paul C."

Price: $7.00

Publisher: "Sage Publications, Inc":

Seller ID: 9780803914223

ISBN: 0803914229

Condition: GOOD

The deaf are outsiders in a world largely created and controlled by those who hear. Based on intensive interviewing, observation, and the personal experience of the author (whose parents are deaf), Outsiders in a Hearing World examines the lives of deaf people within a social and historical context. It examines the communities created by deaf people and the identities of their members, and describes and analyzes the everyday interactions between the deaf and the hearing. Drawing on the works concerning other outsiders, this book not only increases our understanding of deafness and the deaf, bu... View more info

The Anatomy of Love

By: "Krich, A.M. (Ed)"

Price: $4.82

Publisher: NY, 1960

Edition: (1st thus)

Seller ID: 53P050

Condition: GOOD

"""Entertaining and thought-provoking work of 22 recognized experts-Freud, Fromm. Mead, Camus, Neibuhr, Briffault, de Rougemont, Lawrence, D'Arcy, Reik, Lewis, Dell, Bowlby, Benedek, Hendrick, Suttie, Horney, Roche Menninger, de Beauvoir & Sorokin"" Tight, yellowed, covers age soiled & square. Hinge crease, corner crease on cover, 1 dog-eared page. " View more info

Image for Social theory: The Multicultural and Classic Readings (2nd edition)

Social theory: The Multicultural and Classic Readings (2nd edition)

By: "Lemert, Charles (Ed.)"

Price: $15.95

Publisher: "Boulder, CO", 1999

Edition: (Second Edition - 13th printing)

Seller ID: 09H010

ISBN: 0813334721

Condition: VERY GOOD+

"As new except for yellow highlighting in 13 of the 95 selections. Heavy, may require additional postage for priority or international shipping." View more info

Image for Chinese in Canada

Chinese in Canada

By: "Li, Peter S. "

Price: $30.95

Publisher: "Don Mills, ON", OXFORD UNIV PR: 1998

Edition: (2nd edition)

Seller ID: 7-2H009

ISBN: 0195412710

Condition: FINE

"As new - gift quality! ""a provocative account of the history and development of the Chinese-Canadian community. ""Updated from the original 1988 edition with ""additional insights as to why Canadian society continues to view Chinese-Canadians as foreigners."" 190 indexed, annotated pages." View more info

Cultura Negra e Ideologia do Recalque

By: "Luz, Marco Aurelio"

Price: $29.95

Publisher: Brazil, Edicoes Secneb: 1994

Seller ID: 20T019

Condition: NEAR FINE

"As new except for faint foxing to front cover. ""A cultura negra no Brasil vem sofrendo, ha muito, intenso recalcamento ideologico. East livre resulta do estudo dos valores e das characteristicas proprias do riquissimo processo socio-cultural negro-brasileiro e da analise dos fatores do recalcamento ideologico, que constitu um poderoso obstacule a real integracao nacional..."" 96 pages. Text in Portuguese." View more info

"The Prophets of Paris: Turbot, Condorcet, Saint-Simon, Fourier, and Comte"

By: "Manuel, Frank E. (ed.)"

Price: $17.95

Publisher: NY, 1965

Seller ID: 6-6T009

Condition: GOOD-

"READING COPY. UGLY exterior - rubbed, soiled covers with sunned, creased spine. Solid and clean interior with no markings except a sketch on the title page. Corner bumps have dog-eared lots of pages. ""dissatisfied with themselves and with the world around them, they found satisfaction in the extrapolation of historical, ethnographic, sociological and psychological interpretations leading to a science of society (sociology) upon which the good life could be built...""" View more info

Of the London Chimney-Sweepers

By: "Mayhew, Henry"

Price: $119.95

Publisher: "GreensFarms, CT", 1978

Seller ID: 24X005

Condition: FINE

"As new - gift quality! ""As published in 1861 by Griffin, Bohn, and company…"" Appeared in Volume 2 of Mayhew's 4 Volume work entitled "" London Labour And the London Poor""…Possibly the most important sociological study of poverty in 19th century London…""" View more info

Intersections: Readings in Sociology

By: "Nigg, Prof. Joanne M."

Price: $14.95

Publisher: "Boston, MA", 2003

Edition: (1st edition)

Seller ID: 02T014

ISBN: 0536893322

Condition: NEAR FINE

"As new except for slight curl. Custom collection of readings for University of Delaware, Sociology and Criminal Justice, Introduction to Sociology, SOCI 201-010. 265 pages, 8-3/8x5-3/8"" (21.3x13.6cm)" View more info

The sociology of religion (Foundations of modern sociology series)

By: "O'Dea, Thomas F"

Price: $1.50

Publisher: Prentice-Hall:

Seller ID: B0000CN0IC


Condition: GOOD

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